MBass 2000 - Best of Show Award - Namm Show 2018

We won the "Best of Show Award" for the third time awarded from Bass Gear Magazine at the Namm Show 2018! This has never happened before and we are very proud! This is what BGM writes about us:

Regular Bass Gear Magazine readers may note that we have previously doled out the Best of Show hardware for Gerald Marleaux; twice previously, in fact. This makes Gerald our first three-peat winner, and deservedly so. The first Best of Show Award was for the Marleaux Diva, a lovely and unique fretless design. The second went to the Contra Bass, which blends the materials and techniques used when building violins and violas with those used when building electric bass guitars. For this award, Gerald went back to a prior model design – the mBass – but with a very special treatment. This 6-string bass represents Gerald’s two thousandth build; that’s 2,000 instruments, which is a lot from such a small shop.

The neck-through mBass 2000 features attention to the woodwork and details above and beyond the normal Marleaux high water mark. The pickups were custom-wound for this specific instrument after playing the bass with a variety of other pickups. Likewise, the preamp was custom-voiced for this bass. The result is an instrument which has notes that leap off the fingerboard, and somehow manage to hit like a ton of bricks, while sounding clear as a bell. I do not normally play a 6-string, but somehow, I felt right at home on this bass. We had some stiff competition for the Best of Show instrument this year, but in the end, it was a unanimous win for Gerald Marleaux with the mBass 2000. 

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2018 Winter NAMM - MBass 2000 - Best of Show Award

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