Where fantasies have no limits.

Marleaux BassGuitars = Passion since 1990
From playing bass to building basses

We build - by hand - basses of the finest quality.

Our years of experience and the desire for perfection drive our
never-ending fine-tuning and development of our bass models. In
conversations with professional bassists and with our customers
throughout the entire world, we're constantly getting new ideas and
inspiration for our development.

We build basses that are ergonomic and resonant, and sound defined and
transparent. The basses have a direct, clear voice with long sustain.

Low action and perfect playability are the first Commandment. That's
been shown by over 1500 individually finished instruments and their
happy owners.

Because of our passion for wood, we've collected fascinating boutique
and rare woods and can offer a wood collection that is truly
breath-taking. The years of proper storage and treatment, including the
proper drying of the woods for their sonic characteristics are the
things from which bassists' dreams are made.

For every phase in the construction of a bass, we allow time to achieve
for the perfect results. We handle the woods carefully, and treat them
with the sensibilities of an artisan and craftsman. This is how music
instruments that allow a feel for detail are made.


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