Marleaux Tiuz

Your sound is in this bass - tradition transformed into modern!

Our latest model - the TIUZ bass - is the culmination of years of careful design. The instrument is lightweight, versatile, incredibly well-balanced and built to withstand the demands of studio work and the rigors of live performances. 

The 5-piece body is made from our stock of premium aged tonewoods. We've spent 25 years collecting and preparing the woods, with some pieces being well over 100 years old. We hand select each piece for its tonal characteristics and for its beauty. 

Our fast, comfortable three piece maple neck provides excellent tone transfer to the body via a rock solid 7 bolt neck joint. We took our design a little further by adding carbon reinforcement rods as well as a dual action truss rod. This allows for playing action as low as you like without worrying about buzzing or dead spots. Your choice of finger-board wood will carry 24 frets and a zero fret, a hand slotted nut, and lead to a matching headstock with lightweight Schaller tuners. 



Brand new 4-band preamp (BC4)

The heart of the TIUZ lies in a brand new electronics package. Two newly designed Marleaux pickups are matched to a new 4-band active preamp. Along with volume, balance and passive tone controls, the new preamp boasts bass, low mid, high mid and treble boost/cut knobs. On top of that, the mid frequencies themselves can be selected using trim pots on the preamp! 

The TIUZ Bass has it all - responsive, fast attack with seemingly endless sustain. deep, growling bass, punch in the midrange, and a sweet singing treble all help your bass find that magic spot in the mix, in the studio, on the stage, this bass will cover any gig. 

As with all Marleaux basses, the TIUZ Bass can be custom ordered to your exact specifications.



Marleaux TIUZ

TIUZ #11
TIUZ #10

Details Tiuz

Construction / Wood

  • 5-piece body crafted from premium, aged tonewoods
  • matching headstock
  • 3-piece maple neck with carbon reinforcement and dual action truss rod
  • 7-bolt neck joint 24 fret fingerboard with zero fret


  • Marleaux Custom Pickups
  • Marleaux Custom 4-band preamp (BC4) with bass, low mid, high mid and treble, passive tone control mid frequency trim pots to dial in personalized frequencies for boost/cut points pickup split switch for single coil, humbucker operation 


  • Custom Marleaux TUIZ bridge by ETS in black
  • Schaller custom tuner and security locks

Neck measurement 4-string

  • Scale:       864 mm / 34"
  • Nut:         40 mm / 1.57"
  • 12. fret:   55 mm / 2.17"
  • 24. fret:   62 mm / 2.44"
  • Bridge:     60 mm (2.36") / 20 mm (0.79") each string

Neck measurement  5-string

  • Scale:       864 mm / 34"
  • Nut:         45 mm / 1.77"
  • 12. fret:   66 mm / 2.66"
  • 24. fret:   77 mm / 3.03"
  • Bridge:     76 mm (2.99") / 19 mm (0.75") each string

Neck measurement  6-string

  • Scale:        864 mm / 34"
  • Nut:          55 mm / 2.17"
  • 12. fret:    76.5 mm / 3.01"
  • 24. fret:    87.5 mm / 3.44"
  • Bridge:      90 mm (3.54") / 18 mm (0.71") each string

 Included in delivery

  • Tools
  • Gigbag
  • Marleaux folder with certificate, information and electronic instructions
  • Security locks


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